Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Paytm Mall - Rs 200 Crore Freebies for Festival Sales

The next four days Paytm Mall has set aside Rs 200 crore as an offer to users after they make a purchase. Being the first festive season for Paytm, the company has partnered with 50 brands for this programme in the run up to the sale.

In this crowded Indian market, Paytm has plenty of options by competing top rivals Amazon and Flipkart to grab a stronger customer base. Paytm has proved its capabilities when there was no alternative to Paytm with Indian users during the time of demonetization and this can be the second memorable innings from the online wallet giant. Paytm Mall is focusing on categories like fashion, gifts, electronics, appliances, consumer durables and home furnishing. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Samsung d900i - Top Feature Phone

The Samsung d900 is a slim slider handset and comes with user friendly features. The slide opening mechanism makes the phone quite easy. The phone comes with a colourful TFT screen, which measures 32 x 42mm and provides the users 240 x 320 pixels screen resolution and a colourful display.

The slide opening d900 phone supports 60 MB memory and the users can use a microSD card to expand the memory of the mobile phone. The users have a lot of space here to save the documents and other mobile content.

The d900 supports a music player, which will provide the music for the users anytime and also comes with easy music control and the users are completely free to download the music with ease. The player supports MP3, AAC and AAC+ player. The users can enjoy the sound from the built in 3D speakers, which provide a clear and volume controlled sound.

An integrated 3.15 megapixel camera allows the users to take still photos or video record, when they are out. The video feature is easy to use and allows the users to record and playback video clips and they can be saved or shared with the friends. The users can view files in word, excel power point or PDF format.

The Samsung d900 phone comes with EDGE technology that enables the users to enjoy a fast and efficient data transferring. The Bluetooth technology helps in connecting the mobile phone to any other compatible device. The phone runs well over GSM 850/ 900/1800/1900 network and changes automatically the network brands even without the user knowing.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Slide Me with Nokia 6500 Slide

The Nokia 6500 slide is a slim and sleek mobile phone, which is available in two colours of silver and black coloured casing. The phone comes with easy and user friendly features, which are useful elements of the smooth opening handset.

The 6500 slide mobile phone comes with a 2.2 inches high colour screen, which provides the users a 33.5 x 44.7mm active display, which can display up to 16 million colours. The attractive Nokia 6500 mobile phone comes with the measurement of 96.5 x 46.5 x 16.4mm while the weight of the handset is only 123 grams.

The Nokia 6500 slide mobile phone comes with an expandable memory option, which allows the users to expand the memory up to a massive 4GB using a microSD memory card. Moreover, the handset comes with 20MB of internal memory and with a 256k Mbytes MicroSD memory card. The 6500 slide comes with a phone charger, battery, 256Mbytes MicroSD memory card.

The Nokia 6500 slide phone is a wonderful mobile phone with an impressive 3.2 megapixel camera feature complete with Carl Zeiss lens optics, 8 x digital zoom, autofocus and LED flash to take brilliant pictures. The phone also comes with Adobe Photoshop software, which allows the users to amend the photos. The users can also use the PictBridge feature to print their photos easily.

The users can enjoy the music anytime with an integrated FM radio and music player, which allows the users to listen to their favourite radio station. The users can also enjoy MP3, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA music formats. The users can have fun creating and receiving a wide range of messages on their Nokia 6500 slide phone. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Motorola Z8: Impressive 3G Smartphone

The Motorola Z8 is an impressive 3G smartphone, which comes with powerful music features and other advanced features. The handset comes in slide opening mechanism, which is easy to lock and to unlock in a single hand. The smartphone comes with HSDPA with Symbian system software that enables the users to enjoy high quality mobile broadband service.

The Motorola Z8 comes with 90MB of built in memory and the users can extend the memory by adding a microSD card that helps in increasing the memory up to 4 GB. The phone has a high colour and high resolution screen, which offers 16 million colours on 240 x 320 pixels.

The built in camera feature of Z8 provides magnificent 2 megapixel camera with a dedicated shutter key, which offers a one click photo capture feature. The camera also has autofocus, 8 x digital zoom and LED flash. The handset assures the users to enjoy video calling with any video calling well-matched contact.

The Z8 phone comes with an incorporated music player, which allows the user to enjoy a vigorous music anytime. The music player supports MP3 music formats, as well as other popular formats to enjoy music. The users are free to use their music wirelessly using Bluetooth wireless technology with a Bluetooth stereo headset. The mobile phone also comes with EDGE, GPRS; Java embedded games, several messaging features and a lot more. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

LG KF600 Mobile Phone: Be Prepared for New Era

LG KF600 phone is a fashion conscious mobile phone which comes with two screens, one of which is a high qualitytouch sensitive navigation screen. The amazing two screen design is quite unique & provides the user with an easy navigation tool on the lower touch screen.

This sophisticated mobile handset is a slide opening mobile phone which comes with a slide out keypad. The amazing two screen design is quite unique & provides the user an easy input method on the lower touch screen. The main display screen is a colourful TFT screen, which is 2 inch in size and comes with a 240 x 320 pixels screen resolution.

The KF 600 handset supports 40 MB of built in user memory plus the users can expand the memory capability further by using a microSD card that supports the memory up to 2 GB. A USB connection can be used between compatible USB devices and the handset comes with EDGE technology, which allows the users to enjoy a fast data transfer rates.

A built in camera feature allows the users to capture the amazing photos in either vertical or horizontal mode. The camera is a 3 megapixel camera, which comes with complete interactPad camera controls and makes the mobile phone quite easily in operating. The users are also offered to use the 4 x digital zoom to zoom in and out of their target. The LG KF600 mobile phone offers a FM radio for the users and the users can enjoy listening to the music throughout the day. The handset is a good choice due to its high end features.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blackberry 8100: A wonderful gizmo

The Blackberry 8100 has hit the mobile phone market with its stunning and powerful features. The handset comes in the measurement of 107 x 50 x 14.5mm, which is quite comfortable in carrying anywhere. The handset is also amazing in the concern of weight as it weighs only 89.5 grams.

The phone comes with a large high resolution screen, which can alter to suit different lighting levels. The screen is wonderful to view and provides up to 65k colours for the users to enjoy a colourful viewing experience. The phone comes with a navigation key that is smooth and allows the users to make selection for the menu.

The Blackberry 8100 handset comes with an internet browser, which is an HTML internet browser and allows the user to view web site in HTML format. The built in camera is 1.3 megapixel camera, which comes with a flash and zooming option to ensure a great shot. The camera lens is situated on the back of the mobile phone. The user can take the self portraits by using the small mirror, which is situated next to the lens.

The Blackberry 8100 supports its own built in media player, which allows the users to play music in many popular music formats. The users can listen to their music anytime and the handsfree speaker to enjoy music at high volume. The phone comes with lots of messaging features that include text and multimedia messages, instant messaging. The phone also comes with a document viewer including Word, Excel, power point or PDF file. The phone is a wonderful gizmo with powerful features.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Samsung Omnia 8GB Orange: win in the war of features

In Sync with its thrust on introducing innovative, consumer oriented, breakthrough technology products, Samsung announced its new brand positioning for Samsung mobiles. This is managed by SAMSUNG Telecommunications India (STI), a design and technology leader in the mobile market. It reflects its new, spunky, tagline - 'next is what?’ which is being used in all of Samsung Mobile communication material. A few months back, we have received great goodies from Samsung with their launching of Samsung Omnia 8GB Orange. It is a new cool and dashing handset.

Samsung Omnia is really an attractive handset that satisfies any tech freak mobile phone users. The most amazing feature of this phone is, it comes in 8GB storage space which is quite sufficient to download thousand of songs and videos.  It can be further expanded by using a microSD memory card. It is the first Windows phone that comes with a 5MP camera that can be really attractive handset. It adds features like auto focus, image stabilizer, video and auto flash in it. Omnia gives you seamless connectivity as it has class 12 GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth v2.0, HSDPA and Bluetooth v2.0 connectivity.

Samsung Omnia boasts both style and substance as it runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 version. It is assemble with 3.2 inch touch screen display and has an in built MP3 player and FM radio. This handset is equipped with plenty of high-end features that will enable the users to meet the modern criteria of communication, entertainment and professional needs. Some of the remarkable features such as high resolution camera, high-speed Internet accessing capability, GPS navigator with A-GPS and so on include in it.

This is a quad-band GSM handset that has biggest advantage of listening to music with a compatible wireless headset in stereo. It has in-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery which has standard battery backup of Up to 400 hour in stand –by mode and up to 5 hour in talk time service. It also has USB for relocating stuff from the computers.

Samsung Omnia 8GB Orange mobile phones functions are in user friendly interface and supremely interactive. It is fitted with a TFT resistive touch screen of 256K. You can store unlimited entries in phonebook.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Motorola RAZR2 V8 Black: Designer clamshell cell phone

The Motorola RAZR2 V8 black is an elegant & designer clamshell mobile phone which comes with music based features, which are extremely user friendly. The handset has a solid weight & comes in a slim sized casing. The handset measures only 11.9mm in depth, 103mm tall by 53mm wide which is ideal for single handed use.

The V8 phone comes with two memory options, which include a 420 Mbytes internal memory option and a 2 Gbytes memory option. The user can select the memory option on their mobile phone to suit their storage needs for music, photos, video & contacts. The battery provides just about 8.3 hours of talk time and up to 280 hours of standby time from a completely charged battery. The RAZR2 V8 black works over GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900, which provides the user a mobile phone with world wide roaming capabilities.

The user can get pleasure from taking still photos using the 2 megapixel camera feature, which is located on the backside of this trendy handset. The camera feature comes with quality video capabilities and with an 8 x digital zoom feature. The user can record moving video footage on their Motorola RAZR2 V8 black, which can be edited, deleted, saved or shared with others through the messaging services. The video feature allows the user to playback video in MPEG4 video format.

The Motorola RAZR2 V8 black comes with a MotoSync™ feature, which allows the user to synchronize their email, phonebook and calendar over the air. The RAZR2 V8 black is a fun and user friendly mobile phone, which comes with many useful features to suit today's needs.